Contexts & Dependency Injection for Java

Conclusion of EG preparation on CDI 1.2

Posted by Antoine Sabot-Durand on Dec 16, 2013 | Comments

Updated on 01/07/2014

We finished to deal with the list of 28 Jira we planned to introduce or not in MR. So 24 of them will be in MR and 4 won’t. The list is also accessible on Jira.

Jira Description Decision Note


Update outdated license

in MR


bean-discovery-mode="annotated" and Producers/Observers in @Dependent beans

in MR


@RequestScoped Javadoc outdated

in MR


Session bean specialization example is not valid

in MR


BeanManager#getProducerFactory return type differs between API and spec

in MR


automatic JSR-330 annotation processing problematic

in MR

Mention needed and perhaps a new feature


Clarify SessionScoped

in MR

We should be less descriptive and like for CDI-381 add a general statement telling that other spec/extensions can change the behavior of built-in scope


clarify behavior of implicit bean archive

in MR

The notion of Bean Archive is introduce in Chapter 12, we should do an introduction before


Clarify whether ProcessAnnotatedType should be fired for annotations

in MR

According to pm it shouldn’t and we should clarify this


@WithAnnotations types can appear on any supertype

in MR

Mainly Javadoc correction on @WithAnnotation


behavior of CDI bean @Specializes session bean is undefined

in MR

could benefit some clarification


Clarify interceptors are not associated with the result of a producer method/field

in MR


Reword the description of @RequestScoped and @ApplicationScoped in section 2.4.1

in MR


Clarify the meaning of "bean class local view"

in MR


Clarify that an array with a variable component type or parameterized component type containing wildcards is not a valid bean type

in MR


Clarify when the operations of BeanManager can be called

in MR


Two examples in section 5.2.4 contradict the rules of the same section

in MR


Clarify interceptors are not associated with the result of a producer method/field

in MR


Additional implementations of Request Context

in MR

we should add general statement telling that extension can change the behavior of built-in scope


Make stereotypes bean defining annotations

in MR


adding bean-defining annotations for Interceptor while setting bean-discovery-mode="annotated"

in MR


Revert CDI-85

in MR

we revert to CDI 1.0 behavior but we will have to propose something better in CDI 2.0


Clarify Section 6.6.3 regarding singletons

in MR

we should go a little beyond and check all occurrences of "singleton" in the spec to clarify if it’s an singleton session bean or a singleton scope


CDI conversation activation conflicts with the Servlet spec

in MR

Solution exist at different level. We should at least put a mention in the spec and o something at impl level


Clarify life cycle of RequestScoped

out MR

each spec should detail how they stick to built-in scope


Expand @RequestScoped and @SessionScoped to account for WebSocket

out MR

It’s the responsibility of Websocket spec. We should ensure they take the point before closing the ticket


Clarify what happens when the user creates a unbound recursive injection with Dependent scoped beans

out MR

Container doesn’t have to support this : the ticket should be closed


Public fields in extensions should not be allowed

out MR

it can bring backwards compatibility problem to correct this issue. We should see if impls allows it today. If it’s not the case it could be safely added to the MR