Contexts & Dependency Injection for Java


Our TCK is open as well and contributions are more than welcome. Important information:

You can check the connection between specification and TCK by looking at specification with TCK assertions where each chapter starts with a list of TCK assertions with links to TCK tests for given chapter.

How to execute your updated or new TCK test

  1. Build TCK with your update by running:

    mvn clean install
  2. Get the jboss-tck-runner. Either you can use the one available in CDI TCK distribution bundle or you can use the same one from Weld source code repository

  3. From jboss-tck-runner execute following command and provide your TCK version (also be aware of Weld version you are running):

    mvn clean test -Dtest=<your_test_name> -Dcdi.tck.version=<cdi_tck_version>
  4. Execution in previous step is run at Arquillian Weld embedded container. If you need to execute by using real container then please check documentation link above.