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CDI 1.2 PDF | HTML API | JavaDoc | Maven Weld 2.2 CDI TCK 1.2 Apache License 2.0
CDI 1.1 PDF | HTML | EPUB API | JavaDoc | Maven Weld 2.0 CDI TCK 1.1 Apache License 2.0
CDI 1.0 PDF | HTML API | JavaDoc | Maven Weld 1.1 Apache OWB 1.2 CDI TCK 1.0 Apache License 2.0


All CDI artifacts available from this page are available under the Apache License 2.0 .

Note that older copies of the CDI specification (before 1.2) contain an out-of-date license. This has been resolved in 1.2 Maintenance Release.

The specification and JavaDoc are additionally available under the *JCP click through license*. To obtain artifacts under this license visit the JCP page for JSR-346 (CDI 1.1) or JSR-299 (CDI 1.0) . The license can viewed on the *Download page* for the specification and JavaDoc.

This process is commonly known as dual-licensing . The CDI specification is dual-licensed as it allows Red Hat to follow JCP rules and provide a liberally licensed version of the specification.