Contexts & Dependency Injection for Java

Specification API RI Other Impl TCK License
CDI 2.0 PDF | HTML HTML with TCK assertions API | JavaDoc | Maven Weld 3.0.0.Final TCK 2.0.0.Final ASL 2.0
CDI 1.2 PDF | HTML | HTML with TCK assertions API | JavaDoc | Maven Weld 2.2 Apache OWB 1.6 TCK 1.2 ASL 2.0
CDI 1.1 PDF | HTML | EPUB API | JavaDoc | Maven Weld 2.0 TCK 1.1 ASL 2.0
CDI 1.0 PDF | HTML API | JavaDoc | Maven Weld 1.1 Apache OWB 1.2 TCK 1.0 ASL 2.0
Note that the purpose of this section is to provide a single point to download CDI related resources and not to list compliant implementations.


All CDI artifacts available from this page are available under the Apache License 2.0.

Note that older copies of the CDI specification (before 1.2) contain an out-of-date license. This has been resolved in 1.2 Maintenance Release.

The specification and JavaDoc are additionally available under the JCP click through license. To obtain artifacts under this license visit the JCP page for JSR-346 (CDI 1.1) or JSR-299 (CDI 1.0). The license can viewed on the Download page for the specification and JavaDoc.

This process is commonly known as dual-licensing. The CDI specification is dual-licensed as it allows Red Hat to follow JCP rules and provide a liberally licensed version of the specification.