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CDI EG meeting 12/09/2013 notes on CDI 1.2 MR

Posted by Antoine Sabot-Durand on Dec 09, 2013 | Comments

The following people assisted this meeting :

  • Pete Muir (pm)

  • Jozef Hartinger (jh)

  • Martin Kouba (mk)

  • JJ Snyder (jj)

  • Antoine Sabot-Durand (asd)

Proposed Agenda

The following agenda was proposed

  1. Issues discussion : 6 issues where proposed

  2. Back on CDI-377 (automatic JSR-330 annotation processing problematic)

Issues discussion

The discussion around the proposed ticket was quite straight forward. The result is in the table below

Jira Description Decision Note


Clarify SessionScoped

in MR

We should be less descriptive and like for CDI-381 add a general statement telling that other spec/extensions can change the behavior of built-in scope


clarify behavior of implicit bean archive

in MR

The notion of Bean Archive is introduce in Chapter 12, we should do an introduction before


Clarify whether ProcessAnnotatedType should be fired for annotations

in MR

According to pm it shouldn’t and we should clarify this


@WithAnnotations types can appear on any supertype

in MR

Mainly Javadoc correction on @WithAnnotation


behavior of CDI bean @Specializes session bean is undefined

in MR

could benefit some clarification


Clarify interceptors are not associated with the result of a producer method/field

in MR

Back on CDI-377 (automatic JSR-330 annotation processing problematic)

This issue will be fixed in implementation and the sepc will mention something about recommendation to provide default exclusion list for most framework. We still have to discuss if we introduce a jar exclusion mechanism in the spec or this will be based on existing package exclusion.


We finished to deal with the list of Jira tickets we planned to introduce or not in MR. As we have a little more time it was decided to re-open the list for some more on next meeting