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CDI 2.0 Beta 1 is available

Posted by Antoine Sabot-Durand on Jan 05, 2017 | Comments

After more than 2 years of work CDI 2.0 is around the corner. Its feature list is now complete and Beta for RI (Weld 3.0 Beta1) is available for download. This post lists what’s included and give you some insight on the final release and what comes next

Give it a try

First, you may want to start testing the RI and discover the new API, all the resources are listed below:

  • You can browse the spec document in html or pdf

  • If you prefer Javadoc you can read it here

  • CDI 2.0 Beta API is available on Maven Central. You can also download the jar here

  • Last but not least, the reference implementation (Weld 3.0 Beta 1) is downloadable here and can be also be used from Maven

Major features included in CDI 2.0

This CDI 2.0 includes important changes for the platform.

A lot of other small feature will be delivered. Refer to the coming release notes to check them all.

Release agenda

If everything stays on track we should send the PFD (proposed final draft) with TCK and RI to the JCP soon.

If the JCP ballot is green, CDI 2.0 final could be released before end of February.

What’s next

Our release plan for CDI 2.0 has always been to deliver it before Java EE 8 to let other spec grab our new features and make the best out of them.

We are still considering to start working on CDI 2.1 to clarify or add the few features needed for Java EE 8 and beyond.

Stay tuned.