Contexts & Dependency Injection for Java

Learning resources

You'll find on this page resources and link helping you to learn CDI. These are blogs, articles, books, tutorial or other materials to help you get the best of the CDI specification If you want to add something to list list. Feel free to contribute to this page.

CDI User Guide

The CDI user guide is a good start to learn the basic of CDI concepts and programming model.

While this document is mainly inspired by the Weld documentation it has been made implementation independent.

In less than 100 pages you'll get the essence of the specification and will be ready to work with it.

check the HTML version or download the PDF version

But you should also consider reading the specification accessible on our download page

CDI@Work (German)

CDI@Work is a free online german book about CDI as well as Apache DeltaSpike. It covers basic information about CDI and DeltaSpike up to more advanced use-cases.

The GitHub account CDIatWork contains repositories for the sample application called IdeaFork.

Chapters are released once they are ready. Readers have the possibility to provide feedback.

check CDI@Work book website (German)

Oracle Java EE tutorial

Oracle provides tutorials for Java EE 6 and Java EE 7.

These tutorials have a CDI specific part that can follow thru the link below.

They also allow you to see how CDI is used in other Java EE specifications.

Check the CDI section in:

Posts on CDI features

The following blog posts deal with specific part of the CDI spec.

Tutorial posts or tips & tricks for CDI