Contexts & Dependency Injection for Java


Our TCK is open as well and contributions are more than welcome. Important information:

You can check the connection between specification and TCK by looking at specification with TCK assertions where each chapter starts with a list of TCK assertions with links to TCK tests for given chapter.

Documentation is found in the doc directory of the TCK distribution zip.

How to execute your updated or new TCK test

  1. Build TCK with your update by running:

    mvn clean install
  2. Get the jboss-tck-runner. Either you can use the one available in CDI TCK distribution bundle or you can use the same one from Weld source code repository

  3. From jboss-tck-runner execute following command and provide your TCK version (also be aware of Weld version you are running):

    mvn clean test -Dtest=<your_test_name> -Dcdi.tck.version=<cdi_tck_version>
  4. Execution in previous step is run at Arquillian Weld embedded container. If you need to execute by using real container then please check documentation link above.